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Giving you a voice in what we do. Every service we offer is about working with you to create your voice, amplify your voice, and multiply your voice. ProFluent works with authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and thought leaders on an essential component of their continuing success: building a platform for their writing that will expand their audience. Through platform building, content creation, marketing technology, the use of personas to intensify the effectiveness of copy, and bestseller services Profluent has helped hundreds of clients become even more effective being heard in our oversaturated media environment.

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Meet the Team

Lead by Michael Drew and David McInnis the ProFluent team is made up of marketing, writing, and technology professionals who will stop at nothing to help you find your voice, amplify and multiply your voice. Meet the people that create magic for our clients.

Meet the Founders

Michael Drew is best know for promoting 99 books to national bestseller lists. David McInnis the founder and creator of PR Web and serves as co-founder and Cheif Technology Officer. Meet our founders.

Our Track Record

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