The ProFluent Competitive Advantage

ProFluent’s great success is a result of its ability to disrupt businesses and industries by spotting patterns and exploiting opportunities for clients to break through.

But ProFluent’s successful work with clients isn’t the result of the ProFluent team’s talent alone. It’s also a result of the systems and methods that ProFluent applies in that work. These processes and that rigor provide the foundation for explosive growth, ongoing optimization, and the ability to seize opportunities today and into the future.

These processes give you the tools needed to disrupt your space, be heard, grow, and multiply.


Your voice is your message. It is your “sword in the stone,” the thing that makes your message, your company, your product unique and valuable. How clear is your message? Is it being heard and understood? How is your voice being amplified and shared? Giving you a smarter voice is what we do. Every service we offer is about helping you create your voice, amplify your voice, and multiplying your voice. Be heard.

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Platform Building

If your voice needs to be heard, then you need a platform from which to shout it to the world. A platform is all the components online and offline that amplify your voice to as many potential followers as possible. It is also the mechanism that allows you to engage with your followers and persuade them to join your tribe. If you have something to say, you need a platform. ProFluent has developed a process to build your platform.

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Quantum Media

We all experience brands and people that seem to be everywhere. Sometimes it is because of their own marketing but mostly these people and brands are pervasive because customers are sharing them, talking about them, and buying from them. This is what we call the quantum effect, and it rarely happens by accident. ProFluent has the tools and methods to create this effect for you and your message, learn more about it.

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Persona Architecture

This process increases your conversion rate and lowers your cost per acquisition. When communicating with your followers, the more you know about their preferences and motives, the more effectively you communicate with them on their terms, and in a way, they resonate with what is most relevant to them. The result is a better conversion. This process can be applied to your ad copy, website copy, social media posts, sales collateral, or any customer-facing communication. Get the Persona Architecture process baked into your platform.

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12 Steps of Intimacy

Creating customer intimacy increases lifetime customer value. By using this process you will have a clear map of the steps you need to take to persuade followers to become fans, then customers, and finally customer for life. Our proven process, which is based on the research of human reproductive biology, moves customers through these stages faster and more efficiently. Learn more about the 12 Steps of Intimacy process and what it can do for you.

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What Clients Are Saying

"I asked Michael Drew to help me with promoting my book, Masters of Networking, and he comes up with a world record in book marketing! Because of Michael, we broke the world record for most book signings in more than one city on the same day (56 cities). He can out-brainstorm, he can out-manage, he can out-plan, and he can out-do anybody I know in book marketing."

"How do you make the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and best-seller lists without advertising, national bookstore distribution, a major publishing house, radio interviews, television interviews, or print interviews? Listen to Mike Drew. We’re thrilled we did."