Persona Architecture

What is Persona Architecture?

Persona Architecture takes the theory behind personality types and makes it applicable to your everyday operations, to allow you to create much more effective marketing, to convert visitors to your site or people who show some interest in your brand or service into actual customers. The ability to connect to your audience through your copy, your products, and your marketing, to engage with people you’ve never met or spoken with, sets you apart from your competition.

Personas give you that advantage

Personas give you that advantage – and Profluent gives you the process for creating marketing materials that speak directly to your clients and customers. In order to become better known, you must give people the chance to find out who you are and what you represent, and give them the choice of how to engage with you. This is a result of persona architecture: engagement.

What Is a Persona?

product or service. It’s much easier to build that intimacy when you know who your audience really is. Further:

  • Persona architecture gives you an edge in your communications
  • Persona architecture gives you an accountable framework for optimization
  • Persona architecture accelerates customer intimacy

What Is The Process?

After compiling all the nuts and bolts of a Persona (usually we do this during our uncovery with you), we create a Persona Scenario, which makes the persona come to life. The scenario or narrative of a Persona is like a quick synopsis of a person’s life story. Scenarios cover important life events that shape a person’s wants, needs and motivations—this back story of a person’s life explains what makes him or her tick, as with an actual person – and allows you to make much more informed marketing decisions in how you speak to that persona.

Making Marketing Intimate

The more you know about someone’s motivations, the more you can answer the questions he or she is thinking without needing to ask out loud. By answering those unspoken questions, you’re able to emulate an intimate environment, in a non-intimate setting that truly speaks to and motivates your customers. Personas are representative examples of the specific kind of person who's interested in your business, product, book or service. We create a persona after digging deep into your business and your personal and professional goals—during our uncovery process. We capture demographic data, life history and personal needs of your customers in order to create a fictionalized representative of a particular kind of customer to whom you will target your marketing. In order for personas to get you results, they need to be as clear and specific as a real person is – one who has told you everything about himself or herself on a level you don't generally get among your acquaintances.

Why Do I Need Persona Architecture?

Why should you use personality traits and temperaments and the persona architecture process? Because your business will grow and become more profitable. The details of your personas help you make an emotional connection with your audience, and your audience of personas will, in turn, have an emotional connection with you and your.

How Can I Use Persona Architecture?

By using Persona Architecture to create a website, organize content for marketing materials – including ads, infomercials, blogs, radio spots and more – we ensure that we provide information that speaks to each of the four personality types. We do this in shaping the words we use and the approach we take with the content.

Increase Sales by Speaking to the Felt Need Of Your Customers

Because people want choice, we employ a systematic approach to the distribution of content across a broad array of channels, and we shape a portion of every piece to each of the four main personality types. The goal is to reach as many people as possible in as direct a manner as possible—and to get people to respond to your content on an individual level. This ultimately translates into more business for you when a reader or listener or viewer becomes a fan who becomes a customer.

What Should I Expect?

As a result of creating personas for you following our uncovery process, you will receive several tools that you can incorporate into your marketing. These include:

  • Valued words. These are words that specific Personas use and look for when gathering information to make a decision. These words tend to be part of the Persona's vocabulary, and he or she will respond more readily to these words. Keywords for search-engine results also fit into this category. We will provide you with valued words for each personality type (and persona).
  • How to present to each personality type. A presentation is how a business describes what it does to meet the needs of Personas. So the approach to each Persona is based on the personality type of that persona. We'll provide you with perspective on this. This also helps with strategic brainstorming, such as:
  • What is the need/problem/opportunity?
  • How will this persona recognize his need/problem/ opportunity for our product or service?
  • Is the need explicit?
  • Where is the need anchored?
  • What does the persona need to know before buying from you?
  • What might the persona like to know before buying from you?

The ability to tap into the emotions of your audience

Emotion plays a major part in the decision making process. Once you understand the general emotional motivations that drive people to make the decisions they do, you’ll be able to connect more powerfully with your audience.

Customers who have used Persona Architecture to build their websites and organize their marketing have seen an increase in conversion of up to 60%.

What Clients Are Saying

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