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We exist to help you because promotion is your job, not a publisher’s.

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Audience Engagement Campaigns

Everything you need to attract, engage and grow an audience into a book-buying army of fans and prospective clients, delivered done-for-you.

Best-Seller Campaigns

We’re 100% at putting books onto the bestseller lists–85 for 85. To become a print or Kindle book best-selling author, we have a campaign that delivers.

Bootstrap Book Promotion

Combined Campaigns

Order the full meal deal by combining a Bestseller and an Audience Engagement Campaign.

Take Over The World

The Business Case For a Bestselling Book

The Respectful Replacement For The Sales Funnel

Promote Yourself As A Thought Leader

Marketing Bites

From your book, a year of done-for-you content marketing includes 104 blog posts, graphic pull quotes, infographics, social media posts, and downloads.

Multimedia Content Marketing

Book Branding Services

Book As Platform

Great Book Marketers Look Beyond The Book

Making the bestseller lists is important. But it’s only a means to an end. Your marketing should ensure your book’s success translates to higher, more important goals. ProFluent does exactly that.

Capitalize On Your Success

Disciplined Planning & Execution

What it takes to move the needle in today’s media-driven world

Planning Transitions

ProFluent faces and plans for the harsh realities and business gaps that others try to wish away.

Become a Leader

Want to a recognized authority–along with prime speaking engagements at premium prices? ProFluent has steps to becoming a celebrity expert.

Provoke Response

Often sales funnels push prospects into leaps of faith. ProFluent designs respectful marketing systems based on hardwired relationship responses.

Marketing Bites—Content for Promoting Your Book

We create 12 months of blog posts, articles, infographics, and social media to move people from curious to committed readers, from blog subscribers to book buyers, and from book buyers to clients.

Let Us Supercharge Your Marketing

A La Carte Book Promotional Services

While we prefer to work in full-fledged campaigns designed to deliver optimal results, there are times and situations when single services and products make more sense for you.

Book Branding Service

Professional cover design, cover copy, Amazon author and book page copy, interior layout, and more–everything a self-published author needs.

Book & Author Website

A digital home with professional design, development, persuasive messaging optimization, blog, E-commerce and CRM integration for maximum performance.

Multimedia Marketing

Specialize in podcasts or video blogs! We strategically plan and execute multimedia content with your voice and on-air persona, all done-for-you.

People Do Care About Your Book

Lots of people will want your book if they know about it. Capture attention by generating buzz, making the bestseller lists, and intriguing them with bite-sized content, to turn visitors into buyers.

Take A Bite

What Clients Are Saying

"I asked Michael Drew to help me with promoting my book, Masters of Networking, and he comes up with a world record in book marketing! Because of Michael, we broke the world record for most book signings in more than one city on the same day (56 cities). He can out-brainstorm, he can out-manage, he can out-plan, and he can out-do anybody I know in book marketing."

"No one can guarantee that your book will become a best seller, but having Michael Drew as your promotional partner is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner. Your chances of winning increase dramatically. There’s no question in my mind that, without Michael Drew, I would never have become a Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling author. My advice to you is to sit up straight, steel your nerves, take a deep breath, and call Michael Drew."