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How You Publish Matters More Than You Think

Authors have more publishing choices than ever—choices that can make or break your book’s success before it even launches. We’ll give you the insight and knowledge you need to make the best choices.

Make the Best Choice

What Publishers Do and Don't Do

Your Publishing Options

You have more choices than ever in getting your book published, and we can help steer you to the one that works best for you and your ideas.

Commit To Making Your Book A Best-Seller

Phone Consulting

Choose sound strategy to secure book promotion victory. Promote A Book will create your battle plan for world domination.

Market Testing Your Network

Publisher’s Expenses

Seeing Your Book At Barnes Noble

Can We Represent You To A Publisher

Understanding Distribution

Planning The Transitions

Pab vs. Just Get a Publisher

If You're Committed To Making Your Book a Best-seller

How To Publish a Bestselling Book

Traditional PR and Publishing

Mass media still matters. And no one gets your book the mass media coverage it needs like a public relations firm. Here’s what you need to know.

Get Your Book Published and Make It a Bestseller

Times have never been better for writing—but only for authors who can navigate the new media and publishing arenas. Our passion is to help you with that, to achieve all your goals, including a bestseller.

Succeed In Publishing

Your Book at Bookstores

Everyone wants to see their book face-out on a shelf at Barnes & Noble. Here’s what you need to know about the logistics and business
behind that.

Bestseller Timelines

Book promotion is a process, not an event. You need to plan ahead to make your bestseller success a reality. Here are timelines to take into account.

Transition to Success

Blog readers might become book buyers who might become clients. Promote A Book plans your transitions from book success to business success.

What Success Means to You

Most authors envision their book at the local bookstore, their title on a bestseller list, and their business taking off. Here’s the reality.

Get the Keys to Distribution

Study Distribution

To understand book publishing, you have to know retail book distribution and how your book’s distribution will make or break your success.

Traditional PR and Publishing

Mass media still matters. And no one gets your book the mass media coverage it needs like a public relations firm. Here’s what you need to know.

Self-Published Help

ProFluent is your one-stop-shop for a professional book–including editing, fact-checking, proofing, as well as cover and layout design.

What Clients Are Saying

"You can dream all you’d like about seeing your book and your name at the top of a best-seller list. You can write a fantastic book. You can scramble, bleed and beat yourself up marketing that book. None of that guarantees you’ll make any best-seller list. Neither does hiring Michael Drew. But Secrets of the Millionaire Mind made it because of his help, as have dozens of his other authors. No amount of hard work or literary brilliance can replace Michael’s insider’s knowledge, connections and simple blood and sweat commitment. There seems to be a way to make a book successful, and evidently Michael Drew is one of the few who knows the secret. Thank you, Michael."

"I asked Michael Drew to help me with promoting my book, Masters of Networking, and he comes up with a world record in book marketing! Because of Michael, we broke the world record for most book signings in more than one city on the same day (56 cities). He can out-brainstorm, he can out-manage, he can out-plan, and he can out-do anybody I know in book marketing."