Traditional PR and Publishing

Publishing in Yesteryear

Back in the heyday of NYC Publishers, the publishers themselves would handle this kind of PR and publicity for their books and authors. And, to some extent, they still do this for their very top-shelf, A-list writers. It’s just that they no longer do this for the vast majority of their books and authors, as they simply don’t have the resources. It’s all a matter of knowing what publishers do and don’t do in terms of helping to make your book a success.

Traditional PR Firms

If you want PR done for your book, you’ll have to personally hire your own traditional PR agency. Since, Promote A Book routinely works and coordinates efforts with all five of the top book PR Firms in North America (as well as working with the major publishers), we’re happy to help you choose and hire the right PR Firm for your book.

In fact, if you’re planning for a Major List Bestseller Campaign, we highly recommend that you DO hire a traditional PR Firm. It really is a key part to ensuring that you get a strong business ROI from your best-selling book.

Traditional PR and Publishing Timelines

While the best PR firms really can work wonders, they need time to work their magic. You can’t hire them today and expect major press coverage tomorrow. Book promotion is a process, not an event.

This has more to do with how mass media works than the PR Firms themselves. Most mass media channels plan their editorial calendars at least six months in advance. They’re planning their December holiday content in July. If you want to be part of that month’s issue or show, your best bet is to approach them before or during their planning sessions.

And that means giving your PR Firm from seven to 12 months to help push your book. The major publishers and Promote A Book have similar timelines as well. So the time to hire them—and us—is now. At the least, it’s better sooner rather than later.

What Happens After Booksellers Buy Your Book?

Merely having your book in the bookstore isn’t a magic cure-all. You can’t assume people will just show up, find your book, buy it, and actually read it. Just because you’ve “built it” doesn’t mean “they will come.”

Getting prospective readers interested in your book in the first place is the challenge our Audience Engagement Campaigns are designed to solve.

But assuming that your book does end up in the hands of readers, the next question becomes: what then?

What Happens After A Reader Brings Your Book Home?

Are you assuming book buyers will become paying clients? If so, you’re not alone. Most authors assume just that—if they even think about it at all. But the book-to-business transition rarely happens. Making the jump from book to higher-priced services skips too many steps and requires too big a leap of faith for most readers, which means the author’s success stops with the sale of the book.

If you want your book’s success to translate to your business, you have to plan those transitions and provide your prospective client with the baby steps between buying the book and engaging you at a higher level.

This kind of planning is where Promote A Book stands out from the rest of the publishing and book promotion industries: We actively plan how to make the transitions happen where other’s simply assume, hope, and wish.

Don’t leave the success of your book and your business to chance—hire Promote A Book and make it happen.

What Clients Are Saying

"How do you make the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and best-seller lists without advertising, national bookstore distribution, a major publishing house, radio interviews, television interviews, or print interviews? Listen to Mike Drew. We’re thrilled we did."

"You believe in your ideas so much that you wrote a book. Now what? Turn it over to some publisher, who will give it the old ‘ho-hum, hope it works’ treatment? Your ideas are so good that you want them to dominate the market, to become the #1 bestseller in its class, right? Then go to Promote A Book and beg Michael Drew to take on your cause, your book. Michael did an outrageous job with the nitty gritty work to get my book, Marketing Outrageously, onto the best-sellers list."