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The 4 Elements of Best-Sellers

Every bestseller offers readers 4 elements you can’t afford to miss.

Market Test Your Big Idea

Help Writing and Editing

We have methodologies and services to help get you unstuck, to finish your manuscript, and to polish it into a best-selling book.

Ghost Writing

We have award-winning ghostwriters of multiple best-selling books on staff. They’re great at pulling a book out of you and putting it in print.

Temperament Based Communication

  • Learn about Temperament-Based Communication,
  • Find out what kind of temperament/thought leader you are,
  • Discover how to bridge the communication gap between you and the other three temperaments

Substantive Editing

We Can Turn Your Book Dreams Into Reality

Writers often get stuck–while planning, writing, or even editing. We get you unstuck! Let us help you finish, so your book can build your reputation, boost your business, and make a difference.

How ProFluent Helps

Test Your Big Idea

Want to see examples of our book websites, our content marketing, and our book promotional strategies? We have plenty of case studies and examples.

Temperament Based Communication

Different personalities are attracted to different styles of presentation. Increase your persuasive power by appealing to all four personality types.

In-Person Uncovery

Making your book a bestseller requires investment—so, what’s the pay-off? We run the numbers on a business case for investing in a book’s success.

Set Your Book Up For Success

To write a book that achieves bigger goals—to make a name, a fortune, or a difference—choosing the right topic and angle matters. Promote A Book will help you write what people will want to read.

Get to Know Your Audience

Writing Credentials

Check out your new writing team: award-winning journalists, experienced best-selling ghostwriters, professional copywriters, copyeditors, and proofers.

Substantive Editing

If you’re not satisfied that your book is a home run, our editors can restructure, find and fix problems, and whip a so-so manuscript into a bestseller.


For light editing—fixing grammar, spelling, typos, and general fact-checking—our copyediting service is ideal for you.

Rapid Content Creation

If you struggle to get your book from your head to the page, a road map will help. Our proven process gets your brain out of its own way. This interactive tool will walk you through it right now–FREE.

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What Clients Are Saying

"My first book I did with Michael Drew, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, went on to become one of the top five bestselling management books published in the last ten years in the United States, according to BookScan/Neilson. If you want to get your message out, you need to understand the book business. Michael can help you understand the business. Michael keeps up with it. He’s a great guy to work with. He’s done a fantastic job for me."

"You believe in your ideas so much that you wrote a book. Now what? Turn it over to some publisher, who will give it the old ‘ho-hum, hope it works’ treatment? Your ideas are so good that you want them to dominate the market, to become the #1 bestseller in its class, right? Then go to Promote A Book and beg Michael Drew to take on your cause, your book. Michael did an outrageous job with the nitty gritty work to get my book, Marketing Outrageously, onto the best-sellers list."

Create A Book You’ll Be Proud Of

Releasing your book is a brave step you’ll be glad you took. People admire and remember those with the courage to put ideas in print. We exist so you can make a name, make a fortune, make a difference.

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