Market Test Your Big Idea

Market Test Your Big Idea

There’s no point investing time and energy into a book built around a Not-Big-Enough Idea. Market-test your Big Idea using an evaluation tool created by the legendary Ray Bard, who has selected and published 500 bestsellers.

To gain a clear understanding of a book’s market potential, you have to look at the degree of felt need for knowledge about your topic in relation to the size of the audience that has that need.


Diet, Fitness, Wellness, and Success books dominate nonfiction bestsellers. Their deep-felt needs have broad appeal. Ocean topics make natural choices to make a run at the bestseller lists. To be sure, test your network too.


People who need good how-to information, for example on horse breeding, will find your book and read it. There are not very many people who need or want good information on it. Think of this as narrowcasting.


A small amount of information can make a great article, but not a full book. The “art of picking the freshest fruit in the grocery store” might be an interesting blog post, but don’t try expanding it into a book.


These are topics to avoid even in blogs or articles. A book on how to win at tiddlywinks fits this category. Except for the one life moment that someone’s about to win a hot game of tiddlywinks, no one cares.


Not an Ocean due to the smaller potential audience, but because lakes run from large ponds to Great Lakes, with a large network, you could achieve success. As you market test your Big Idea, why not market test your network too?

Why Do All This Market Testing?

The last thing you want to do is invest time, energy, and budget into writing, publishing, and promoting a book that doesn’t have the potential to help you achieve your larger goals

Select Your Biggest Idea Possible

Don’t settle for a halfway ticket to Europe but don’t pay full fare for a plane that isn’t big enough or powerful enough to make the journey.

We, coach authors, to stretch for a Big Idea that is big enough.

Every Campaign Starts With A Great Book

To ensure your book the greatest success possible, we can:

  • Create a killer book outline
  • Bake bestseller success elements into your manuscript
  • Ensure your book speaks to all personality types

We Bring Your Book to Completion

To finish the job, we provide professional help to:

  • Substantively edit your manuscript
  • Create a compelling cover design and interior layout
  • Provide your book with the book promotion it needs & deserves

Relaunch An Old Book To Build Business

We can help you republish or relaunch your old book to new success. If you’re looking to make your book success boost your business’s success, we’re the leading experts with a proven track record.

What Clients Are Saying

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