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Profluent offers a wide array of services, all our services are about empowering you to find, share, or increase the reach and impact of your voice.

Best-seller Campaigns

Sell your book onto the bestseller lists with 100% success. Choose from Major List, Amazon, and Kindle Campaigns.

Become a Bestseller

Platform Building

If your voice needs to be heard, then you need a platform from which to shout it to the world. A platform is all the components online and offline that amplify your voice to as many potential followers as possible. It is also the mechanism that allows you to engage with your followers and persuade them to join your tribe. If you have something to say, you need a platform. ProFluent has developed a process to build your platform.

Platform Building

Content Creation

Get help writing, editing, and branding your book. Don’t just create content, bestseller-ify it!

Bestseller-ify Your Content


We develop strategies not just to secure a book promotion victory, but to insure that you or your company achieve objectives that go beyond simply selling a book. Promote A Book will create your battle plan for world domination.

Team Up With Us

What Clients Are Saying

"How do you make the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and best-seller lists without advertising, national bookstore distribution, a major publishing house, radio interviews, television interviews, or print interviews? Listen to Mike Drew. We’re thrilled we did."

"You can dream all you’d like about seeing your book and your name at the top of a best-seller list. You can write a fantastic book. You can scramble, bleed and beat yourself up marketing that book. None of that guarantees you’ll make any best-seller list. Neither does hiring Michael Drew. But Secrets of the Millionaire Mind made it because of his help, as have dozens of his other authors. No amount of hard work or literary brilliance can replace Michael’s insider’s knowledge, connections and simple blood and sweat commitment. There seems to be a way to make a book successful, and evidently Michael Drew is one of the few who knows the secret. Thank you, Michael."