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What To Expect

When you reach out to us you can expect us to be professional, engaged, curious, and passionate. And we will never hard-sell you. We don’t need to: our Track Record speaks for itself.

You will discover during the first few moments you speak with us that our primary concern is learning about you, your organization, and your goals. We seek first to understand your unique situation so we can then determine if we can assist.

We Only Work With Winners

Not every company is a match with ProFluent. Our successful clients have a few traits in common. First, they have a bias toward taking action, and they are not afraid to break some eggs in the process of reaching their goals. Successful clients have the attitude that their success is inevitable and are willing to go the extra distance and make sacrifices on their way to their ultimate goal.

If you are a very conservative marketer or afraid of making waves, we are likely not the marketing firm for you.

Working With Us

Our team is your team. When you engage ProFluent you will have a team of experts thinking about you and your marketing every single day. We will communicate with you frequently, sometimes several times a week, depending on the stage of your particular project. And even before we get started we work with you to plan out the engagement, document goals and lay out a comprehensive timeline.

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